Non-marketing background founders tend to underinvest in marketing function from early on. Session will not only stress on importance of function but also provide a playbook for early stage founders.
We will be discussing, arguing and debating whether you can actually do something to get started without $millions or even $100s of thousands with your…
Join us for a candid conversation with Rohit Srivastav on SaaS marketing fundamentals, and frameworks to drive the growth of a SaaS product.
Raghav has built and sold his two startups, successfully and in the session he will walk through his journey.
Making the customer the center of your presentation and articulating the value proposition in a way that creates differentiation and drives urgency
Learn on how to structure ESOPs and preserve equity for long-term.
We are back again this week with an new podcast with our corporate partner. This is an engaging dialogue with Steven Tong from SAP.IO Singapore and Sau…
An engaging dialogue between Shameel Abdulla, Clootrack Software Labs Private Limited and Saurabh Lahoti, Pentathlon Ventures. Some topics covered in p…
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